Veganic Growing May Be the Future of Marijuana Farming


Veganic cultivation is a gardening technique that has been around since the 1940s. Horticulturists Maya E. Bruce, Rosa Dalziel, and Rosa’s son Kenneth Dalziel believed that soil and crops would be healthier without the use of animal waste products. Veganic gardening is the vegan version of gardening, using organic plant matter to nurture the soil as opposed to animal by-products.

Easing Absorption and Digestion

Microbes in soil.

A balance of microbes (fungi and bacteria) within the soil is essential to the health of a plant. Microbes process nutrients in soil, transforming them into a substance that’s a lot easier for plants to absorb through their roots. Nutrients made available through decomposing plant matter or fermented plant solubles are extremely easy for microbes to absorb and digest.

Healthier Soil

The goal of veganic cultivation is to make nutrients 100% bio-available so that microbes can easily ingest the decomposing plant matter, including any dead roots, and excrete the nutrients in a broken down form that’s easy for plants to take up through the healthy roots. The only things left over after the plants digest the nutrients are complex carbohydrates which feed the microbes. This creates a very healthy soil in which plants can thrive.

Achieving a Purer Taste

Microbes can only digest 20-25% of synthetic nutrients which may even harm the microbes, leading to acidification and depletion of the soil. Animal-based products take so long to break down that they also can’t be fully absorbed. The residue builds up, ultimately damaging the soil’s PH levels and giving the earthy flavor tasted in organic products. By comparison, veganic growing gives the purer taste. This is why the process of veganic gardening has been favored as producing the healthiest crops.

“The Logical Next Step”

Kyle Kushman; a strong advocate for veganic cultivation.

Veganic growing is now becoming a preferred way to grow marijuana. Kyle Kushman has been growing organic marijuana for over 20 years. He is a 5-time High Times Cup winner, instructor at Oaksterdam University, and California cannabis consultant. Kushman states that “Veganic cultivation is the logical ‘next step’ for me.”  According to Kushman, the crops grow better with the healthier microbes. “The healthiest plants naturally produce the most resin and highest yields,” explains Kushman.

Beginning Your Veganic Marijuana Grow

It isn’t necessary to get tons of plant matter in order to begin veganic growing. There are a variety of pre-made high nutrient veganic gardening blends readily available on the market. Kushman’s site specifically mentions Vegamatrix while Canna is also another highly recommended brand. Complete veganic kits are also being developed.

Compost tea made from your plant matter scraps is another way you can provide nutrients to your soil. This requires you to soak the scraps in aerated water for a minimum of 8 hours (if you intend to keep stirring) or 24 hours (if you intend to let it sit). Then you filter the water and feed it to your plants. Adding molasses gives further nutrients to the microbes. 250 ml for every 5-10 liters is a good estimate for how much to use. Making your own compost tea may take a little experimenting and it’s always best to research what will work best for you.

The process definitely seems to make more sense and the results speak for themselves. As steps in growing and cultivation continue to move forward, it seems likely that you’ll hear more growers swearing that veganic is the way to go.



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