These Are the 5 Best Pre-Rolled Cones on the Market

We Chose the 5 Best Pre-Rolled Cones on the Market

Pre-rolls are often the hottest selling cannabis items during the 420 holiday; a fact which initially perplexed veteran herb enthusiasts who saw them as… well… kind of square. Even those who enjoyed a classic joint got a certain sense of satisfaction from rolling it on their own. So who was buying those pre-rolls?

It’s likely that the popularity of pre-rolls, especially during the 420 holiday, can be attributed to first time buyers or, at the very least, very casual cannabis users. These are customers that don’t know the menu yet and just want to start with a sample. Maybe they just want to celebrate on the day before going back to their daily lives. There are myriads of exceptions, but it seems likely that these customers are the leading contributors in the high demand for pre-rolls.

If you’d like your dispensary’s pre-rolls to have that extra touch of quality, the right pre-rolled cones can really make a high-end herb strain pop. Many dispensaries view pre-rolls as an opportune dumping ground for shake. However, it could provide a chance to display the quality of your product while other dispensaries keep phoning it in. Quality bud in an excellent pre-rolled cone may find that casual customer becoming a regular.

Today, we’re looking at 5 of our favorite pre-rolled cone brands that can easily take a dispensary’s 420 sale to the next level.

5. Hornet Organic:

Hornet Organic pre-rolled cones offer you a decently natural experience for your dollar but, in our experience, were a bit harsher than the other brands on our list. That being said, they definitely earn their inclusion as one of our favorite pre-roll cone brands for their organic, unbleached features. They’re also very thin which we love. We had a lot of fun with their king size pre-rolled cones.

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4. JWare:

JWare are a controversial topic but here at Marijuana Resources, we’re mostly in favor. We’re not really sure why JWare became a love-‘em-or-hate-‘em brand of pre-rolled cones, but we can only assume its because they can give inexperienced rollers a bit of a challenge. We can say without a doubt that we like them for their slow, pensive burn and the fact that they hardly ever run.

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3. Elements:

Elements are some of our old favorites; another product brought to you from the mind and heart of Josh Kesselman. In the pre-Raw days, Elements were at the top of the rolling paper game for their all-natural rice-and-sugar ingredients and slow, smooth burn due largely to watermarking. While Elements pre-rolled cones sometimes take a light touch, once you get the feel for them, they’re pure magic.

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2. Cyclones:

CYCLONES PRE ROLLED CONESCyclones can be a bit of an adjustment for the uninitiated. They’re basically clear pre-rolled cones made from a safe, natural cellulose, glycerin and water as opposed to actual paper. If you like flavors (and we do), Cyclones have some of the most unique on the market. But if you like the flavor of your herb undiluted, you’ll want to give Cyclones a pass.

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1. RAW:

RAW PRE ROLLED CONESRAW is easily the most recognizable name in rolling papers these days and for good reason. Founder Josh Kesselman’s raw (excuse the pun) passion was the catalyst for a brand of rolling paper that took every customer issue and addressed it to create a premium, all-natural smoking experience. Raw has a vast collection of pre-rolled cones to suit virtually every taste. Some of our favorites include the Raw 1 ¼” pre-rolled cones for their great flavor, slow burn and excellent bulk pricing perfect for dispensaries of all sizes.

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