The Latest Marijuana Growing Technique Is Using Fish To Improve Water Efficiency


Although regions like California have suffered severe droughts in recent years, growing marijuana indoors has become an increasingly popular hobby. Several methods require the use of soil but there are a few that don’t. Aquaponics is one relatively recent and innovative method that has drawn notable attention from growers for its ability to raise fish along side marijuana.

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Aquaponics combines two traditional gardening techniques: aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture involves creating an environment in which fish, turtles, snails, frogs, and other aquatic animals can thrive. Hydroponics on the other hand, is the process of growing plants in a medium, without using soil, by delivering nutrients to the roots using water.

A Brief Lesson in Aquaponics For Growing Marijuana

Aquaponics involves raising fish and plants together in one integrated system without the need for soil. The plants and fish live in a symbiotic relationship with one another, as the fish provide the plants with a source of nutrients and the plants return the favor by cleaning the water that the fish live in.

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Aquaponics can be used to grow high quality, fresh, and sustainable marijuana at any time during the year, making it an efficient and effective growing system for all new growers to consider. The fundamental component that makes an aquaponics system work is the natural occurrence of beneficial bacteria which converts fish waste, uneaten food, and decaying plant matter into nutrients and ammonia. Once broken down by the bacteria, plants can then consume the byproducts and repeat the system more easily.

 Self Sustaining Management Is the Goal

Although there is some skilled work required in setting an aquaponics system up, once it is set up, it requires less maintenance than other marijuana growing systems and uses far less water. pH adjustment systems can be purchased to further manage the automated aspects of maintenance that can be done under a standard aquaponics system. This combined with its water efficiency aspects brings up yet another reason for environmentally conscious  growers to consider this system, especially in areas of drought.

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Aquaponics Is Overall, More Efficient Than Soil Gardening

Aquaponics uses roughly 90% less water than other soil based gardening methods that are traditionally used in growing marijuana. The water reservoirs never have to be flushed out since the water is constantly being recirculated. Approximately 1% of the water is lost to evaporation every day along with the small amount of water that the plants consume. Also, only about 20-30% of the fertilizer that would be needed for a soil gardening system is necessary with an aquaponics growing system.

Why Have One Without the Other?

Aquaponics is the ideal choice for those who want to keep fish as pets and also want to grow marijuana in an efficient and sustainable system. Although the price tag and learning curve for setting up an aquaponics system may seem daunting, if you have any experience with growing marijuana in the past, it should come as second nature. Not only will you get to watch cute fish swim around while you’re high, but you’ll save money on water and fertilizer.


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