Research Shows Cannabis Users Have More Sex

Research Shows Marijuana Users Have More Sex

Research keeps surfacing about the medical benefits of cannabis and, as it continues to be legalized across the country, its popularity continues to grow. A recent article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine may create even more cause to celebrate. It would appear that people who use cannabis on a daily basis have more sex. Users, both men and women, have approximately 20 percent more sex than those who smoke less or not at all. The results were startling to assistant professor of urology at the Stanford University Medical Center, Dr. Michael Eisenberg, who is used to treating patients with sexual dysfunction that may be curious if their pot use is the cause.

Sexual Statistics

study gathers sexual statistics to show regular cannabis users have sex more often
A recent study gathers sexual statistics to show regular cannabis users have sex more often.

Eisenberg took data from the US government’s National Survey of Family Growth, where approximately 28,000 women and 23,000 men were interviewed about a number of things including cannabis use and sexual activity. The study focused on heterosexual sex and, as it turns out, regardless of race, age and gender, those who consumed cannabis on a daily basis had more sex. The study was able to determine this fact but not why or how. Women who used cannabis had sex 7.1 times over a 4 week period compared to the 6 times on average that those who didn’t consume cannabis did. Men who used cannabis had sex 6.9 times versus the men who didn’t who had sex an average of 5.6 times over the four week period.

Uncertainty of State During Intercourse

It is unclear whether users were high at the time of sexual intercourse or exactly how much was being consumed. The details that would determine the reason for this result were not able to be found through the accessible data. The only firm conclusion was that, for whatever reason, smoking daily led to an increase in sexual activity.

Other Factors to Consider

In order to understand the reason for this, much more study is needed. A lot of research indicates that cannabis increases arousal and sexual pleasure in women in particular, however dosage is very important in this. Too much cannabis can lead to paranoia, anxiety and excessive mental chatter. Studies also indicate that too much cannabis can make it harder for men to get erect and orgasm although it is different for every person. Some women may also experience vaginal dryness in the same way they experience dryness in the mouth.

The Right Dosage

dosage unclear on study showing heightened sexual activity in marijuana users
The average dosage is unclear for heightened sexual activity in marijuana users.

The right amount of cannabis however, which researchers have found to be less than what is often consumed, can make you relaxed, and experience heightened physical sensitivity and sensuality in general including touch, sound, taste and smell. It can reduce anxiety in general and help induce a euphoric state that allows the troubles in life to just melt away and to be solved at a later time. Cannabis can lead people to feeling a sense of the present moment more deeply and these factors can greatly heighten sexual interest and activity.

Much more research is needed to ensure a proper understanding of the effect of cannabis on sexuality but the topic is definitely worthy of attention. Every person reacts to cannabis in a unique way and an indica, which is the strain of cannabis that focuses on a physical high and relaxation, may be better for some than a sativa, which induces a mental high. Everybody will be different and dosage would be different beyond that. At the very least, when Eisenberg’s patients ask if cannabis use could be affecting sexual dysfunction, he will be able to suggest that the cause may be something else.


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