Oregon Marijuana Sales to Include Edibles Starting Today


In the last few years, states across the country have been legalizing recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21. Oregon has been one of these states, legalizing adult use in 2014. While marijuana in smokable form has been available in stores to the public, edible marijuana sales have been limited to medicinal users from medical dispensaries. Oregon marijuana dispensaries and consumers have been waiting a long time for edible marijuana to become available for adult use and their wait is now over. A few weeks ago, the governor announced that edible marijuana sales for recreational users would be made available on June 2.

The Edible Rush

Marijuana edibles like this one will now be stocked in Oregon dispensaries.

Since that announcement dispensaries have been busy stocking up on a large variety of edible products, ranging from flavored drinks to ice cream, taffy candies and chocolate cakes. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is currently working to license producers and standalone recreational marijuana stores by the end of this year. Until then, adults may purchase marijuana products from medical dispensaries.

A Lighter Dosage in Place

Eating marijuana effects the system differently than when the herb is simply smoked. For this reason, there are rules and limits to the amount allowable for each adult. Currently, THC, the compound in marijuana that causes the feeling of being high, is being capped at the low dose of 15mg total per package. Consumers will only be allowed to purchase one package a day, per outlet. This cap is temporary though and come fall, the limit for each individual use will be 5mg, which is half of Colorado and Washington’s limit. No edible product package may contain more than 50mg of THC total. Since marijuana edibles often come in packaging and flavors that are attractive to children, strong warnings are going out to keep the edibles away from children. The effects of over consuming marijuana edibles can be devastating on a child, so adults are warned to keep their products in a safe place.

Take It Slow

500mg marijuana edibles like this one exceed Oregon’s 50mg THC cap.

When smoking marijuana, the effects of the high are instant and don’t often last beyond a couple of hours at most. On the other hand, eating or drinking marijuana takes a lot longer to take effect. It may even take between 1 and 4 hours. The effects also last a considerable amount longer, even up to 10 hours with the effects often feeling far stronger. This is the reason care and caution are being taken to ensure that low doses are taken by recreational users. The effects of consuming too much THC are extremely unpleasant. Paranoia, anxiety and nausea are just some of the possible outcomes. Manufacturers of edible marijuana products are warning consumers to take it slowly. Start with a small dose and wait for up to 4 hours before consuming any more, in order to ensure that the dose has fully taken effect.

With the introduction of edible marijuana sales into Oregon’s economy, it seems the state is about to get another financial boost. More industry jobs and opportunities are opening up to the general public and Oregon adult residents may now enjoy new ways of relaxing in 2016.



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