Non-Alcoholic THC-Infused Craft Beer is Coming to Colorado

Non-Alcoholic THC-Infused Craft Beer is Coming to Colorado

The marijuana industry has been expanding in multiple ways in recent years with new ways of consuming the plant becoming ever present. The world of concentrates, dabbing, vaping and edibles have been changing the way people consume the plant and the most recent addition to this smorgasbord of options is beer. Keith Villa, who worked for Molson Coors and founded Blue Moon craft blend beer has decided to open a new company called Ceria Beverages which will specialize in non-alcoholic, cannabis infused craft beer. The most notable aspect of the company is that they will be the first to create cannabis infused beer with THC.

The Appeal of THC-Infused Beer

villa was the founder of blue moon craft beer
Villa was the founder of Blue Moon craft beer.

THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives the consumer the euphoric feeling of being high. CBD, on the other hand, is a popular marijuana compound that relaxes and calms as well as being a pain killer. While both compounds contain multiple medicinal benefits, THC is the ingredient sought out by those who use marijuana for recreational purposes due to its and its psychoactive effects.  In the same way that alcohol provides the user with a buzz so does THC, making it much more similar to consuming beer or alcohol in general than having drink infused with only CBD. Given that marijuana has been found to be safer and healthier than alcohol as well as having many medicinal benefits, it offers consumers a recreational alternative to alcohol.

Different Infused Beer Options

Ceria will be using Ebbu, a Colorado-based cannabinoid research firm, as their supplier of cannabis extracts. The firm will provide cannabis extracts of differing strengths and compound combinations. This means that Ceria can give consumers a variety of experiences including “chill, bliss or energy.” With 3 different strengths available (light, regular and full-bodied), consumers can choose the option most suited to them. The variety of options will also include varying CBD and THC options.

“We can dial in exactly the sensations that people want,” Villa told Brewbound. “If people want a CBD sensation where they feel sort of tired and chilled and relaxed, we’ll be able to give them that. If they want a really great THC experience — it’s the end of the week and they want to relax responsibly with their friends and party — we can deliver that too.”

In Search of the Right Flavor

villa still working to perfect the taste of his cannabis brew
Villa is still working to perfect the taste of his cannabis brew.

Villa is working on getting the right flavors for the beer selections. He says that some people are drawn to a strong, skunky marijuana taste while others prefer there to be no marijuana flavor at all. He says they are working hard to make the selection taste good, given that the beer won’t have that much sought after alcohol flavor. He is testing a variety of strains to get the flavor balance right.

Right now, the beer will only be sold throughout Colorado where it is legal for recreational purposes. For those in the rest of the country curious about tasting marijuana beer, New Belgium have launched The Hemperor, a hemp flavored beer that contains a tiny amount of hemp with synthesized hemp flavors that will be available nationally except for Kansas.


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