New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Find Smoking Weed Socially Acceptable

New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Find Smoking Weed Socially Acceptable

Marijuana has been a big topic for politicians this year. As things progress and marijuana reform spreads across the nation, prohibitionists have been moving into government positions of power. Jeff Sessions, who is the Attorney General for the Trump administration, has called marijuana “slightly less awful than heroin” and he once stated that good people don’t smoke the plant. The administration has threatened to come down on recreational marijuana at a time when it continues to be legalized across the country. California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts have joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and D.C. in legalizing recreational marijuana and several states are working hard to follow suit.

The Latest Survey

52 percent of those surveyed say theyve tried marijuana
52% of those surveyed say they’ve smoked cannabis at least once.

The new administration has expressed that they may be cracking down on recreational marijuana soon although their position is not necessarily supported by the public consensus. A Gallup poll conducted last year indicated that 60 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal. A new survey, conducted in March by Marist in conjunction with Yahoo, revealed that the majority of people believe that marijuana isn’t the shameful, terrible drug that is implied by prohibitionists. This helps the many working Americans who use the flower for medicinal or recreational benefits to not feel stigmatized by their decision to utilize the herb.

Details of the Survey

1,122 American adults were interviewed and researchers found that, of these, 56 percent believe that marijuana is socially acceptable versus the 42 percent who disagreed and the 2 percent who were undecided. 49 percent of those interviewed said they supported legalizing marijuana. 52 percent of the people interviewed said they’d tried marijuana at least once and of those, 54 percent were parents and they were not concerned with marijuana getting into the hands of their children. They were however worried about their children getting access to cigarettes. Only 30 percent said they thought the Trump administration should be tougher than the Obama administration.

Based on the results their survey produced, researchers concluded that 52 percent of Americans have tried marijuana and 56 percent of them believe that it is socially acceptable. This changes the stigma attached to the plant from what it used to be in the past. 52 percent of those who use marijuana are millennials. 55 percent of users are male and 45 percent are female.

Political Friction Over Cannabis

56 percent surveyed believe marijuana socially acceptable
56% of those polled felt marijuana to be “socially acceptable.”

Marijuana continues to remain illegal on a federal level under a Schedule I classification which places it beside heroin and LSD as one of the most high risk drugs. Several politicians from all over the country have proposed bills this year that would lead to either the legalization of marijuana or, at minimum, the decriminalization of marijuana. It’s clear that the majority of Americans believe pot to be an acceptable form of recreation and it has been found to be both healthier and safer than cigarettes and alcohol.

The crack down on recreational marijuana at this point in time seems like a very unpopular investment of time for politicians. Time will tell how the Trump administration moves forward on the subject.



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