Michigan Marijuana Support Increases to Majority per Latest Poll


A recent poll conducted by the Michigan chapter of NORML indicates that Michigan marijuana laws could be on their way to changing, possibly as soon as this November. Support for the legalization of marijuana is growing consistently in the state with a very clear majority ready to legalize.

The National Appeal

The sentiment of the majority of U.S. citizens, according to the polls.

The mood of the nation regarding marijuana is generally growing in favor of removing prohibition. A poll conducted by the Associated Press shows a landslide majority of U.S. citizens are ready to legalize, with 61% in favor of legalization. This percentage has grown 3% since last October, when a Gallup Poll showed 58% of Americans ready to legalize. Tom Angell of the Marijuana Majority said, “This is yet another demonstration of just how ready Americans are for the end of marijuana prohibition. The growing level of support for legalization that we see in poll after poll is exactly why we’re now in a situation — for the first time in history…where every major presidential candidate in both parties has pledged to let states set their own marijuana laws without federal interference.”

Michigan Marijuana Sees Majority in Favor

Michigan residents were surveyed recently by Michigan NORML and results have shown that 53% are in favor of legalizing and taxing marijuana. This marks a 3% increase in support since the last survey conducted in 2014. Detroit lawyer Matt Abel has said that Michigan marijuana legalization support grows every year by at least 2% and that this increase is in line with what their research indicates, although he adds, “To me, this poll actually under-represents the real number of people who truly would vote for legalization because some people just don’t want to admit how they feel to a pollster.” He reminds us that the ballot proposal to legalize marijuana in 2008 passed with 63% in support regardless of polls anticipating support closer to 55%.

Detailed Results from the Poll

Polls indicate Michiganders want their marijuana.

According to the survey, Michigan residents from all income brackets support legalization in percentiles ranging from the mid to upper 50s. There is a slight favor for adult male liberal voters to be in favor of legalization. The proposed ballot in the survey asked residents if they would support the legalization of Michiganders of 21 years and older to be allowed to grow, possess, and sell marijuana. It proposes that the state would be allowed to put regulations on possession, selling, and growing and also place a 10% tax on non-medical marijuana sales with funding going to education, road repairs, and local government. The proposal would also legalize the cultivation of hemp, the material used to make many products, including cloth, oil, paper, rope, and much more.

Michigan marijuana laws are currently being looked at with regards to decriminalization. There are actually several bills being reviewed so that, at minimum, possession of marijuana doesn’t ruin a person’s record or send them to jail. Signatures are being collected actively to ultimately legalize marijuana. With the whole nation’s support growing in favor of the legalization of marijuana, it seems that we won’t be waiting long to see a majority of U.S. states legalized in one way or another.



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