Marijuana Products for Menstrual Pain Created by Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi Goldberg has been extremely vocal about her support of using medical marijuana as opposed to pharmaceuticals to treat illnesses. She has famously used marijuana products as treatment for a variety of conditions including glaucoma, migraines and period pain. She claims that “cannabis was literally the only thing that gave me relief.” She has talked candidly about using her vape pen to provide her with controlled pain alleviation and that the alternative for her would be eating handfuls of Advil on a daily basis. So it came as little surprise to many when she announced on Wednesday that she is creating her own line of cannabis-based products for women.

A Wide Variety of Marijuana Products

Whoopi Goldberg is no stranger to the sweet leaf.

Goldberg is partnering up with marijuana businesswoman Maya Elisabeth who owns Om Edibles, a Northern Californian company that creates edible marijuana products. Their brand is called Whoopi & Maya and initially their products will only be available in California. Their products are designed to provide relief specifically for menstrual cramps. They will come in a variety of forms including tinctures, cannabis infused hot chocolate, a THC infused bath soak, and a topical cream that can be rubbed directly onto the lower abdomen and lower back. Quite frankly the products sound heavenly for women and men!

“Too Niche a Market”

Goldberg says she tried to find products designed for menstrual problems in the past and was shocked to find none existed. This inspired her to create her own line that would help with the medical issues from which she suffered. “I have a daughter and two granddaughters who inherited my horrific menstrual cramps,” she explained of starting up her women’s line. “Being a pot smoker for years, I talked to a lot of men in the marijuana business about developing something for period relief and they always came back with ‘That’s too niche a market.’ Half of the planet is not a niche market!”

The Statistics of Pain

Goldberg found the market lacking in cannabis-based menstrual relief for women.

Studies show that 9 out of 10 women suffer from period pain and 10% of those women have pain severe enough to leave them bedridden. 40% claim the pain is so bad that they can’t concentrate at work. That’s 90% of women suffering from dysmenorrhea, the official name given to the condition of having painful periods, with 10% crippled by it. A Gallup poll indicates that currently 8% of men use marijuana and 6% of women do. That’s quite a big “niche” market who could find incredible benefits from marijuana products like these.

Goldberg’s Criticism of New York’s Legalization Standards

Goldberg expressed mixed feelings about New York’s legalization of medical marijuana in a piece she wrote for The Cannabist. While she was very happy that fellow New Yorkers would now be able to seek treatment, she was very disappointed that glaucoma, migraines and menstrual disorders, the conditions she, herself, suffered from, were not included in the list of disorders treatable.

While this is definitely a shame for those who suffer from those disorders, things are moving one step at a time in the right direction and hopefully it won’t be long before treatment for those conditions becomes available in New York and the rest of the country in the upcoming years. For now the Whoopi & Maya line for women, will become available in California in April 2016.


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