Marijuana Entrepreneurs Turning Ghost Towns Into Pot Ventures

Marijuana Entrepreneurs Turning Ghost Towns Into Pot Ventures

As cannabis continues to be legalized across the country, more and more companies are looking to profit from what is being called the “green rush.” A new trend has begun to emerge as companies have started to purchase small towns, far from large cities, that resemble the gold rush towns of the old west, and turning them into cultivation and tourist centers for marijuana. One such place that has recently been purchased for $5 million is the small town of Nipton, California, which has a 6 person population according to the last count in 2016.

The History of Nipton

former gold mining town nipton california bought by cannabis company
Former gold mining town Nipton, California will be turned into a growing facility and cannabis tourist spot.

The town exists on the edge of the Mojave Desert and was a place where miners were sent during the California Gold Rush in 1905. Now the cannabis geared tech and consultancy company, American Green, has purchased the land and plans to turn it into a cannabis tourist spot. The company plans to make it a place where visitors can visit marijuana farms, smoke openly at the bed and breakfast, enjoy natural springs and shop at the local dispensaries. It would become a cannabis friendly town, inviting all to share and explore the many benefits of both the natural space and the plant’s many benefits.

More About the Community Than the Party

According to Business Insider, Stephen Shearin, who is a consultant that works with American Green, said, “The (idea) here isn’t to create ‘Woodstock 2017’; it’s about creating an environment where people come to work and share in a community.” The company is passionate about creating an understanding around the plant that has so many medicinal benefits yet has suffered so much negative propaganda in the past and continues to be banned on a federal level. The company is hoping to contribute a healthy community space that the public can enjoy and take part in. They plan to keep local business alive and potentially offer work opportunities to residents.

Development in a New Industry

elko nevada another mining town revitalized through marijuana cultivation
Elko, Nevada is another mining town revitalized through marijuana cultivation.

American Green is involved with creating cannabis related technology of all kinds. It offers cannabis dispensing machines, a dispensary locator app, seed to sale tracking solutions as well as manufacturing hemp oil, balms, mints, water and capsules. Their newest venture may take years before construction is complete although movement has already started on its development. Other old mining towns such as Elko, which is located in Nevada, are also proving themselves to be new cannabis hot spots for growing. Many locals have embraced the new industry and are working to benefit from the recent changes to cannabis law.

California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all joined Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon in legalizing recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21. These states have only just begun the process of setting up the infrastructure for the industry but they are expected to be completed and ready to sell the plant by 2018. There’s no doubt that, as this process continues, more companies will make use of the desert towns that once hosted miners during the gold rush in an effort to take part in what is destined to be an incredibly lucrative new industry.


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