Luxury Marijuana Entices High End Consumers

luxury marijuana entices high end consumers

For years, the image of the average pot smoker has been linked to lazy, goofy characters, hell bent on eating pizza but as the industry continues to expand, that image is starting to change. According to a study conducted by Miner and Co. Studio, 84 percent of pot smokers work full time and, of those, 65 percent have an annual household income of at least $75,000. This means that there is a high end market to which to cater that treats marijuana the same way wine lovers have treated their wine for many years. Luxury marijuana has become the latest craze amongst the wealthier pot smokers and high end subscription services have stepped up to serve this demographic.

Luxury Marijuana by Subscription

luxury marijuana could appeal to full time workers who smoke weed
Luxury marijuana could easily appeal to the 65% of full-time workers making over $75K a year who enjoy smoking weed.

Club M is one such subscription service that emerged in California in the last year. It has been serving its 300 subscribers, 60 percent of whom are women, since October of 2015. The company offers options starting at $100 a month, giving subscribers the choice of flower, edibles, concentrates and tools. Customers within the demographic quickly wanted fancier and more elaborate luxury marijuana options. This month, 2 kinds of limited edition $1,000 options were offered to 20 subscribers. One was a smell proof, lockable box made from aged, recycled wine barrels filled with compartments containing a vast array of luxury marijuana products. The other option was a smell proof leather purse filled with marijuana. The company will now offer the $1000 option on a quarterly basis and will also present products created or endorsed by various celebrities.

Celebrity Influence

Many stars are starting marijuana based businesses, including Snoop Dogg, Melissa Etheridge, Whoopi Goldberg, Whiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson. Their products are likely to end up in a luxury marijuana subscription box in the future. With legalization recently passed in 4 states, it’s expected that more celebrities will be putting their foot in the door of the marijuana industry.

“Change the Way People View Cannabis”

Snoop is just one of many celebrities to enter the marijuana industry. (photo: Charito Yap)

Another subscription venture based out of San Francisco was created by Jessica VerSteeg, former Miss Iowa and Amazing Race contestant. She has started AuBox, which is a subscription service that is specifically targeted for women. The AuBox LinkedIn page explains, “We want to create a luxury experience that will change the way people view cannabis. We recognize that obtaining premium cannabis can be an uncomfortable inconvenience, so Au Box decided to make life a little easier by delivering quality products to your door at the end of every month.”

Au Box packages their shipments in black boxes with gold writing, similar to lingerie packaging. They also offer an “intimates” option, which is a sexy, romantic option that contains candles, beauty products, 24-karat gold rolling papers and marijuana oils. There is also a men’s option in the Au Box catalogue that may contain condoms or other more masculine focused options.

Overall the new trend in subscription based luxury marijuana services is picking up steam and, while it’s not available yet in every state, it’s only a matter of time before elegant pot smokers across the country can enjoy in the luxury items. 20 percent of the country now has a legal recreational marijuana market and the number is only likely to grow in the coming years.



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