Light Deprivation Gives You More Bud When You Need It Most


An ancient farming technique has picked up popularity in the cannabis industry and is revolutionizing the way farmers grow marijuana. Cannabis plants are known to flower when the sun reaches a 12/12 cycle, meaning there is 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of dark to the day. A light deprivation system, also called light dep, used on greenhouses means that growers now have the chance to produce 3 to 5 times more high quality flowering bud from a single plant. Being able to use the high UVB light of the sun during summer to flower plants produces a far superior quality of marijuana than indoor growing or outdoor flowering at the regular harvest times.

Benefits Reaped by Demand

Light dep methods can produce more buds in the flowering stages.

This means that the cannabis grown using light dep, not only produces significantly more buds, it also provides them at a time of year when supplies are lowest. The quality of the marijuana is extremely good with a higher market value which means that farmers have the chance to make significantly more money using this ancient technique. With a pound of regular outdoor marijuana being sold for as low as $800, a pound of cannabis grown in a light dep greenhouse can start at $3,500.

The Commitments of Light Deprivation

In order to properly execute the light deprivation technique, the greenhouse must be covered and uncovered every 12 hours which means that farmers are strongly tied to their crop. For most growers, this is totally fine; for others, the commitment is impossible. Light dep greenhouses that automate the process, freeing growers to attend to other activities, are now being sold. Even the smallest amount of light hitting the marijuana plants can have disastrous results, causing plants to stop flowering and revert back to the vegetative stage. In this way, the self-regulating greenhouse can be a safer option, ensuring against emergencies that may risk the 12/12 cycle.

The Hazards of Humidity

A grow operation uses a tarp for light deprivation.

Another aspect of light deprivation is that, without proper ventilation, it can produce a very humid atmosphere in the greenhouse. This heat and humidity may cause buds to stretch and can also cause mold to grow. Proper ventilation is an essential aspect to preventing this hazard. Systems such as Breathable Wall allow for great air flow without any light leakages. Like any room, the greenhouse will need to have exhaust and intake vents to provide adequate ventilation.

Greener and More Cost-Effective

Light dep marijuana growing saves farmers a lot of money in overhead, as electricity and the cost of housing an indoor crop using high powered lights increases. In this way, the process is also more environmentally sound, taking advantage of the benefits the sun offers while being able to bypass the down sides. The greenhouses protect against erratic and unwanted weather conditions and give growers a good amount of privacy.

All around, this ancient farming technique, offers growers a new method of cultivation that has the power to drastically increase profits and the quality of their crops. While timing and consistency are essential aspects of the process, those with adequate commitment and the resources to install automatic timers and proper ventilation will reap great rewards using light dep to grow their marijuana plants.



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