Growing Organic Cannabis the Veganic Way for Heightened Flavor and Aroma

Growing Organic Cannabis the Veganic Way for Heightened Flavor and Aroma

There are many different styles of cannabis cultivation around today but they all pretty much fall into two categories; hydroponic and organic. Working with hydroponic cultivation involves nutrient salts whereas growing organic cannabis uses nutrients based on decaying plant and animal matter. But today, many of the country’s top growers are switching to an age old technique that is helping them achieve quality and yields before thought to be unbelievable. We’re talking about veganic cultivation which nourishes the plants without the use of animal products.

The Meaning of the Term “Veganic” in Reference to Cultivation

fungi and microbes are vital to growing organic cannabis with veganic method
The veganic method involves helpful fungi and microbes in your plant’s soil.

Veganic cultivation isn’t a political movement nor does it have anything to do with animal rights. In this case, “veganic” refers to the exclusive use of compost to supplement your cannabis plants with all the nourishment they need. Nutrients found in your average organic cannabis grow are made with animal waste which, in and of itself, isn’t a problem for growers. Animal excrement makes a great natural fertilizer, however, veganic cultivation shows us there is a better alternative.

Fostering Microbes Beneficial to Growing Organic Cannabis

In natural organic soil, the medium is teeming with microscopic lifeforms that are an essential part of the cultivation process. Microbes and fungi that reside in the soil consume and transform the readily available nutrients, turning them into a form more easily absorbed by your cannabis plant’s root system. These microbes are easily killed by nutrient salts which makes them a benefit when growing organic cannabis only. Veganic cultivation centers around the idea of fostering these microbes so as to better supply your cannabis plants with all of the essential elements they require.

Richer Flavors and Aromas

veganic cultivation adds more flavor and aroma to your weed
Veganic cultivation results in more flavorful bud.

The benefit of veganic cultivation over traditional organic cultivation can be found in the smells and flavors of your finished bud. Organic nutrients that contain animal products can leave a residues behind which can leave a bitter or metallic aftertaste. Of course it takes a discerning palette to tell the difference. However, veganic cannabis is assured to have a rich and full flavor that is hard to miss. The secret of veganic cultivation is a solid compost, delivered in the form of a tea.

The Components of Compost

Compost is comprised of decaying plant matter that ends up turning in to a black sludge. Typically, compost is made from piles of leaves, grass, shrubbery, mushrooms and whatever plant based leftovers you want to throw into the pile. You can custom tailor your compost for specific nutrients by adding the right ingredients. For example, green plant material is rich in nitrogen when it breaks down while tree leaves provide much needed carbon. After weeks or months of fostering your compost, it should be ready to go. A single shovel strained through a five gallon bucket will provide your plants all the nutrients and microbes they need to grow thick dense buds.

So if you’re growing organic cannabis but want to maximize your quality, there’s no need to keep buying off-the-shelf products. Start a compost heap in your back yard and take advantage of all nature has to offer. In the end your finished product will be fuller, tastier, and the aromas coming from your garden might just be strong enough to require some better insulation.





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