Green Friday: Black Friday’s More Relaxed Cousin

Black Friday is a shopping day unlike like any other in the year. Consumers can experience big discounts on all kinds of things and stock up on gifts for loved ones. Marijuana shoppers are no different than any other buyer, looking for a discount on the popular day that comes right after Thanksgiving. Green Friday has become a trend since medical and recreational marijuana continues to be legalized across the country. Dispensaries across the country place sales on popular items and consumers come out to stock up on supplies and buy gifts for loved ones.

Green Friday Sales Analysis

The Black Friday rush is getting the marijuana treatment resulting in the phenomenon known as Green Friday.

Green Friday sales were analyzed by Baker, a firm that provides dispensaries with marketing software. According to the data collected by the firm, last year’s Green Friday sales were double the sales of an average Friday. Pre-rolled joints are a Green Friday favorite and sales of concentrates such as hash, wax, shatter, and oil tripled. This indicates that many purchases being made are most likely gifts. Where a bottle of wine or alcohol may have been picked up as a gift in the past, marijuana related items are starting to pick up in popularity in the same way. Sales this year are expected to be even higher, with many states legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis on November 8th.

Similarity to Black Friday

Baker CEO Joel Milton has predicted the increase in sales, saying, “We are expecting a much more significant bump than the spike in orders that we saw last year, and we are bringing on an additional support specialist to help during this busy season.” He continued, stating that “in 2014-15, we saw that customers lined up around the block at 8 a.m. for the sales. In 2016, the lines are still going to be common. In fact, many of our clients have been actively telling customers to shop online through Baker during the busy season.”

The Tricky Gift of Marijuana

The prevalence of dispensary deals are making Green Friday a thing.

While it is usually illegal to give medical marijuana to people who don’t have a medical marijuana card, recreational cannabis was just legalized in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts. It will take some time to set up the infrastructure of the industry. Marijuana stores are not expected to open until 2018. However, until then, it is legal to grow and possess up to an ounce of it in California which means that medical marijuana card holders can legally purchase cannabis gifts for loved ones.

A general shift in attitude across the country has occurred across the country over the last couple of years. In fact, 60 percent of the nation now supports the end of prohibition and the legalization of the plant. This is only just started being reflected in the gift giving aspects of culture and is expected to keep increasing. California in particular, hold the largest marijuana market through it’s medical marijuana program. Now that it is legal in the state, the industry is expected to get bigger and it’s reputation for trend setting is expected to inspire other states and even other countries to become more open to the end of prohibition.


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