Female Marijuana Use and Its Gender-Specific Benefits


When people generally think of stoners, they often think of men. Most film and TV stoner stereotypes were men for many decades. In recent times, women have been becoming more and more vocal about their enthusiasm for marijuana. With celebrities like Rihanna and Whoopi Goldberg behind it and shows like Broad City where the leads are two female marijuana enthusiasts, the idea of women behind marijuana has become more common and acceptable. As studies continue to be done regarding marijuana and its benefits, the medicinal benefits of marijuana on women are becoming clearer.

Improvements in Relation to the Menstrual Cycle

Smoking weed while pregnant is a controversial issue with diverse perspectives.

The first and possibly most important benefit it has on women, is its ability to help with PMS and painful and heavy periods. It’s well known to be an anti-inflammatory but also has the ability to relieve bloating, nausea and headaches. It relaxes smooth muscles which may be the cause of cramps and reduces the awareness of pain to the conscious mind. It was even prescribed to Queen Victoria in the 1890s to help with her menstrual cramps by her royal doctor, Sir Joshua Reynolds. It relieves the anxiety and stress often associated with PMS as well. At this stage much more scientific research should be done on how the herb can help women’s menstruation cycles.

Marijuana and Pregnancy

Marijuana was also used to assist with pregnancy by reducing the nausea associated with morning sickness. Despite the controversy associated to smoking marijuana while pregnant, it was a common thing during the 1900s and in places like Jamaica and Costa Rica where it is considered normal. In all of those circumstances and places, there have been no harmful or negative side effects observed on the unborn child of female marijuana smokers. It is considered to be helpful because it allows the mother to eat and turn the food into nourishment for the child. Likewise, it is also used to assist with labor, helping to both reduce the painful aspects and speed the process along. Once again, more scientific research is needed to help us to understand the full spectrum of how and in what ways marijuana may assist with pregnancy and labor. An idea of ideal dosages and strains and the full understanding of effects, if any, on the children would be extremely beneficial.

Female Marijuana Use Can Improve Sex

Female marijuana use can increase libido and lead to better orgasms.

Another powerful benefit it has for women is on the sex life. During arousal and orgasm, the parts of a woman’s brain that is connected to anxiety and stress deactivates. This means that in order for women to become aroused, they need to let go of their anxieties and stress first. Marijuana has a powerful aphrodisiac effect on women because it has the ability to get rid of anxiety and lower inhibitions, allowing for arousal to take place easier. The result is that it leads to higher sensitivity, faster arousal and more intense orgasms.

These are all very powerful ways that marijuana can offer great benefits to women and as research on the subject grows, we will know even more specifically what dosage and strains produce the best effects. For now, experience is the best director of this. If you’re a woman, suffering from debilitating pain, PMS, cramps, nausea or a low libido, marijuana may be the best cure on the market.



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