Earthworm Castings: The Proper Manure for Your Marijuana Garden


Earthworms crawling in your garden might not be the most pleasant things to think about, let alone thinking about earthworm manure, but these little creatures (and their waste) are mother nature’s best little helpers when it comes to making a garden or plant grow strong. Earthworm castings, a fancy way of saying earthworm manure, are extremely beneficial for your marijuana plants. Earthworms eat organic matter, including dead leaves and once their food is processed, they raise the nutritional value of what they’ve consumed by 10 times. This feeds the soil an extremely nutrient rich fertilizer that grows fuller, larger, and stronger plants.

The Benefits of Using Earthworm Castings

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as dropping a handful of worms in your garden.

Earthworms can be beneficial for your garden in a few important ways. Firstly, they act as natural waste disposers in the soil, consuming anything dead that could obstruct your plant’s growth. Secondly, they provide a constant flow of the most natural and nutrient rich fertilizer, that aerates your soil, increases its water retention, and floods it with the nutrients that improves plant growth as well as the general nutritional value of the soil. Thirdly, as the earthworms move around, they aerate the soil, allowing it more access to oxygen and water. This makes these tiny creatures an invaluable asset in your soil.

What to Consider When Using Earthworms

There are options when deciding how to best utilize earthworm castings for the health of your soil. You can introduce earthworms into the soil, but it’s important to remember 2 things if you go for this approach. Firstly, it’s important to note that earthworms like soil with a light to moderate water content. It’s easy to drown them out in which case they will burrow too deep to be able to assist the soil and your plant. Another thing to consider is that since they move around a lot, they can disperse and therefore dilute any concentrations of earthworm castings you may have added to the soil.

Bypassing Earthworms and Going Straight for the Castings

Using store-bought worm castings has its benefits as long as the quality is high.

Another option is that earthworm castings can be purchased in buckets from nurseries. In this circumstance you can utilize the concentrated castings to improve the nutritional value of your soil with ease and the castings will still provide some aeration for the improvement of oxygen and water in the soil. A good mix for soil is 25 percent castings and 75 percent soil. When adding castings to soil, it’s important to use pure, high quality castings. Quality can be determined by the diet of the earthworms. If they only consume a limited amount of organic matter, the nutrients they produce will be limited to that plant matter. A balanced diet is necessary for creating high nutritional castings.

Earthworms in Your Compost

Yet another option is to add earthworms to your compost. This way you can ensure they get a varied diet and they will increase the nutritional value of the compost by ten times. Another factor in creating earthworm compost that can be beneficial for your plant or garden is that there will also be manure present from the other creatures that inhibit your compost bin. This increases the richness of the compost as well.

Overall, whether you use earthworms in your compost, your soil, or whether you pick up their castings from your local nursery, these little creatures can make all the difference to the health and fullness of your marijuana plant.



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