Disney World Officially Bans Weed from Orlando Parks

Disney World Officially Bans Weed from Orlando Parks

Last November, Florida passed Amendment 2, a law to legalize medical marijuana throughout the state. While medical marijuana was legal to a very restricted degree before November, Amendment 2 allowed a much vaster spectrum of conditions to qualify and made many more strains available to the public. The vote overwhelmingly passed, signifying Floridians readiness to embrace the many benefits of marijuana in their state. With the popularity of the plant making itself so well known in Florida, it seems that Disney World felt the need to clarify their position on the plant.

Marijuana Specifically Prohibited Like Alcohol

all forms of cannabis banned from disney world orlando parks
Even non-psychoactive cbd oil is banned from Disney World Orlando parks.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida felt the need to update their rules so that they could specifically list marijuana as prohibited on park grounds. Technically speaking, marijuana has always been prohibited in Disney because it used to fall under “illegal substances” in the list of things that are prohibited.  Since its legalization, the park has now had to point out marijuana as specifically forbidden, alongside alcohol. It’s not all that surprising that the park has chosen to make a point of keeping marijuana off the grounds. It was prohibited to begin with and now they are just taking the extra necessary steps to make this clear to anyone who enters the grounds.

Prohibition of All Forms of Medical Marijuana

Cannabis is being widely used as a source of medication right now in Florida. In particular, it is being used to help children who suffer from seizures. Unfortunately, even in conditions such as these, all forms of marijuana are prohibited in the park; even in the form of a tincture, pill or oil. “Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana remains illegal under federal law,” a spokesperson for Disney told WESH-TV. “We are revising our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property.”

U.S. Attitudes Toward Cannabis

medicinal cannabis has won the favor of a majority of us citizens
The majority of the U.S. has shown support for medicinal cannabis.

29 states and D.C. have legalized medical marijuana and, as the plant’s popularity grows, more and more lawmakers are working to protect the rights of states, businesses and consumers to have access to the medical marijuana industry. This week, Congress released the budget bill which forbids the Department of Justice from spending any money on going after the medical marijuana industry anywhere in the country. This echoes the sentiment of the public. Surveys indicate that the majority of Americans believe that medical and recreational marijuana should be legal. The feeling and support for marijuana keeps growing every year as more people become educated about the plant and experience its many benefits.

Despite placing it on the website as forbidden, it may be difficult to enforce the rule. People can still hide edibles or other discreet forms of marijuana on their person and it’s unlikely that they will be found out. Eventually, one way or another, the park may just have to adapt to the social changes that marijuana legalization brings on. It’s a difficult issue to fight forever, especially if the plant is descheduled or rescheduled and thereby made legal. Until then though, the park chooses to enforce prohibition and visitors to the park will have to make do.


  1. Disney’s reasoning is empty rhetoric. Who cares if marijuana is still illegal under federal law? Disney is not obligated to enforce the law. If they were more honest in their cruelty towards medical patients, they’d be a little more respectable.

  2. Is Disney going to ban people from bringing their prescription medications in and taking them while they are at Disney? Misuse of prescriptions is a larger threat and results in more damage and death than medical marijuana or for that matter any marijuana ever has.


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