Denver Marijuana Social Clubs Are on the Horizon

Denver Marijuana Advocates Push Nation's First Public Weed Initiative

Last November’s election saw an incredible win for marijuana reform across the country. Denver, Colorado was one of the places that had a change in marijuana policy when voters decided to allow for the public use of marijuana at licensed clubs, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, yoga studios and other such venues. No clear regulations were created for the law other than patrons must be over the age of 21, marijuana cannot be sold at the locations and smoking is not permitted inside. Now a workgroup, consisting of local businesses, police, state authorities and marijuana advocates are gathering to discuss and create Denver marijuana regulations regarding the social use of cannabis. All the final decisions will be made by city regulators.

How Denver Marijuana is Going Public

designated public smoking areas for denver marijuana users
Denver will be the first U.S. city to allow for public marijuana smoking areas.

Denver marijuana law previously banned the social use of cannabis but state law doesn’t outright ban it. Therefore, across Colorado there are some private “members only” marijuana clubs. Denver however, has always raided and shut down such locations. Now it seeks to create a regulated industry instead that serves the desires of its residents to have social locations made available. The business license applications will be made available tomorrow and there are no deadlines related to issuing the licenses. They will cost $2,000 a year.

No Mixing of Weed and Alcohol

For many who are imagining being able to attend a club and consume marijuana along with a nice wine, this will not be happening. The Colorado Liquor Control Board has decided to block the potential for marijuana to spring up in bars. Once the vote had been passed allowing the social use of marijuana, the regulators passed another vote ensuring that the marijuana and liquor industries would not be in any kind of competition. Denver marijuana clubs will also be restricted in how they will be able to advertise and let tourists and other customers know where they are. Word of mouth is likely to be the best way to find them.

Plotting Marijuana Club Points

denver marijuana allowed designated public areas not bars
The guidelines will keep marijuana and alcohol separated.

Regulators have contemplated whether to put all the clubs in one area, making it easier for police to patrol and for tourists to find them. Alternatively, there is thought going to spreading them out so that people in more neighborhoods can have access to the space. Neighborhoods will need to approve of allowing marijuana clubs before any zoning can be created.

Collaborating with Opposing Perspectives

Opposition to the measure is based on concern for public safety. The general opinion is that if the clubs aren’t selling the marijuana or checking the potency or quantity of how much a person is consuming, there is fear that the person may get too high before leaving and cause an injury. Opponents will join the workgroup and contribute their perspective and ideas to the city regulators.

The start of regulated social marijuana consumption is a big move. It is likely to take a bit of a process to get functional and operating at its best capacity but once this occurs, Denver will be able to set an example and trend for how to create a good solid system for social marijuana use.


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