Cloning Cannabis Produces Reliable Results


When growing cannabis, there is a lot to think about. Environment is a key factor to consider. The right lighting and healthy soil make all the difference to the vitality of your plant. It’s also important to be sure you are growing high quality seeds. Cloning cannabis is another option for growing that you may find worth exploring. It’s easy, fast and allows you to know exactly what you’re getting. Cloning basically involves taking a sample from a “mother” plant and planting it so that it grows into a new plant. The sample is a small piece cut from the “mother” and is referred to as a “cutting”.

The Immediate Benefits of Cloning Cannabis

The marijuana cutting begins to sprout.

Cloning cannabis has several benefits. When taking a cutting from another plant, the new plant will be an exact genetic copy of the mother. This means that if you clone a female plant, the new plant will also be a female, ensuring that you will grow flowers. Another great benefit is that you will know the precise qualities of the plant’s strain since it is copied over from the mother. Clones grow faster because they are usually in the vegetative state when they’re cut and planted. Once they begin to grow roots and stabilize, they can become a mother plant themselves, allowing you to create an unlimited amount of plants.

Considerations to Ponder Before Cloning

There are also a few issues to consider when cloning cannabis. Firstly you need to have a healthy plant to take a cutting from. So if you’re just beginning as a grower, you will need to know someone with a healthy plant that you’d like to clone. You also need to be aware that if the original mother plant had issues like pests and viruses, the new plant may be vulnerable to the same problems. The new plant may also be a little more sensitive to lighting and soil nutrients when it is just starting out, so care is needed.

How to Clone

It’s best to wait until the roots are somewhere between 3 and 6 inches.

Cuttings should be taken of plants that are in the vegetative stage. It’s possible to take a cutting from a plant in the flowering phase, but they will have to return to the vegetative stage again and it can confuse a plant, making it take longer to grow. Make sure the mother plant has at least 6 nodes or is at least 4 weeks old. Using sharp, sterile scissors or blades, cut a green branch that has two or three nodes on a 45 degree angle. Make sure it’s not a fan leaf or a woody branch. Once you have your cutting, make sure it gets low lighting in order to stimulate rooting. It takes about 6 to 14 days for cuttings to begin to grow roots.

A quick and easy way to grow your cutting is to put it in a few inches of water in a cup and cover it with a plastic bag so that the moisture is contained. Refresh the water every 3 days. Wait until the roots grow between 3 and 6 inches long. When planting the cutting, add rooting gel or powder to the base of the plant to encourage the health of the plant and to help avoid shock. Then with lots of care, you will grow a healthy new marijuana plant.


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