CBD Could Be Used for the Treatment of Brain Injuries in the NFL


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound found in hemp and its cousin plant, cannabis. CBD has a promising potential as a treatment for NFL related brain injuries based on patient testimonials from former players. Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer and former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon have both been vocal about the potential benefits of cannabidiol for the treatment of brain trauma and other neurological injuries.

jim-mcmahonBoth players have attested to the benefits of using marijuana and CBD for treating their own NFL related injuries and chronic pain. Scientific studies are under way that could further substantiate these claims, and there is an increasing interest in CBD and other cannabinoids from top academic institutions like Johns Hopkins University among many others.

Uncertainty of CBD Due To Lack of Research

In spite of the fact that thousands of patients have used CBD and other cannabinoids to treat their neurological symptoms with success, more research on CBD and other cannabinoids is necessary in order for it to be approved as an accepted treatment. Several major medical organizations as well as the NFL currently do not approve of CBD as a treatment for brain injuries or other maladies, even though it has no psychological side effects, like its close relative compound THC.

Despite this fact, many organizations are willing to admit that CBD and other cannabinoids are “neuroprotectants” and have been shown to limit brain damage in cases of brain trauma or stroke. They have also been used effectively as a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases based on the small amount of clinical research that has been performed already.

 Funding Needed For Research

money-needed-for-researchThe more research that is funded for CBD and cannabinoids in regard to brain injury treatment, the more likely these treatments will be more widely adopted. Realm of Caring, a not-for-profit research organization as well as CW Botanicals, a health supplements company, started a public service campaign entitled “When Bright Lights Fade” in early March, in order to raise awareness about chronic brain injuries and fund-raise money needed for research.

Jake Plummer has felt strongly about the potential of CBD as a treatment for brain injuries and appeared in the campaign to show his support. The purpose of the campaign is to raise $100,000 to fund clinical trials at Johns Hopkins University that will study the potential benefits of cannabinoids for the treatment of conditions such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), among others.

Reports of Painkillers Being Replaced With CBD

Jake Plummer was quoted as saying, “I’ve had friends, guys I played alongside, whose mood changed from night to day. I know others who’ve replaced hellacious amounts of painkillers with CBD.” CBD does not have any psychoactive effects although there is the potential for it to show up on drug tests when used in large quantities, which may discourage some NFL players from using it as a treatment.

Plummer pledged his support to the “When Bright Lights Fade” campaign for the dual purpose of helping those in the NFL who have benefitted from CBD along with the millions of other people who could potentially benefit from CBD and cannabinoid treatments. As more people become aware of the properties of CBD which has healing properties that have yet to see their greatest potential, more access will be given to it as a legitimate alternative to pharmaceuticals.


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