California Marijuana Legalization Myths Are All Smoke and Mirrors


With the advent of the computer age, many industries became redundant and others underwent radical changes that are still happening. Humanity must adjust to the advancements made through evolution and technology because no matter how hard we fight, change is inevitable. Creativity and flexibility are essential traits to embrace. California marijuana legalization will be a massive change for the country and most likely the world. As one of the biggest economies in the world, it holds a massive amount of influence and in this case it would serve to end the destructive and devastating reign of inhumanity that prohibition has led to.

Change however, is scary and while many growers support the end of prohibition, others fear the effects of having to enter a regulated system. Now anti-legalization propaganda is being spouted in which false “facts” about a big pharma takeover, Monsanto moving in, higher taxes and other unfounded nonsense is creating confusion and spreading incorrect information. So here are some facts about California marijuana legalization to consider when going to the polls this November.

California Doesn’t Already Have Legalized Recreational Marijuana

While California was a pioneer in medical marijuana, recreational marijuana can still get you arrested in the state.

People saying it is practically legal are very wrong. While medical marijuana can still serve as a defense, you can still be searched, arrested, booked and made to appear before a judge. If you lose, you may be sent to jail, forced to pay hefty fines and have your name marked negatively for your career or future employment, housing and even education. Unfortunately an extremely disproportionate number of African Americans and Latinos are arrested for marijuana use, despite the fact that use by white people is the same, if not higher in some cases.

The California Marijuana Legalization Bill is Anti-Monopoly

Many have talked about big business takeovers, saying that it opens the market for a corporate takeover. This is absolutely false. Prop. 64 has anti-monopoly requirements that will forbid any out-of-state licenses from being handed out for the first 2 years. Most importantly all large scale licenses will not be given out for the first 5 years and, after this point, the regulators may choose to never hand out any large scale licenses. Only small to medium businesses will get a license under Prop. 64 and microbusiness licenses will be given out in a way similar to those of wineries and craft beer breweries.

Safeguards Against Potential GMO Weed

If GMO marijuana actually existed, the language in Prop. 64 would not be conducive to it.

The anti-monopoly requirements protect against Monsanto. Rumors about high potency GMO marijuana have been spread by mainstream media but these are actually false. Marijuana today has a higher percentage of THC due to selective breeding over many years which has caused marijuana to produce more copies of THC-synthase, which is the gene that creates THC in the trichomes of the plant. Generations of work has led to the high potency marijuana available today. No one wants to consume GMO marijuana.

Regulated Marijuana is a Safer Option

Growers fear being regulated and being forced to meet environmental standards and spend money bringing their farms up to a government standard level. The other side of this is that right now there is no way of knowing what kind of quality product you are consuming. Farmers looking to save money can irrigate in ways that hurt the land and use any kind of chemicals with no repercussions. On top of this, there are women being sexually assaulted and raped on farms who have no one to go to, given the illegal nature of the job. If farmers are doing the right thing by the land, employees, the product and consumer, they have nothing at all to fear.

Wholesale Marijuana Will Drive Prices Down

Wholesale marijuana will reduce greatly in price if it were to be legalized and therefore, even with the tax on top, it is estimated to get cheaper.  The tax revenue will go to many productive places, including youth programs, medical marijuana research, mental health treatment, job placement, substance abuse treatment and the California Highway Patrol.

No Children Were Harmed in the Legalization of This Marijuana

Teen marijuana use has seen no increase in states that have already legalized.

Statistics by government health departments show that, down the line, there has been no increase in teen marijuana use in states where it is legal. Advertising restrictions will be placed to prevent children from seeing marijuana. Child locks are placed on containers and packaging will not be allowed to be marketed in ways that are attractive to children.

Statistics on Stoned Driving in Legal States

There has been no increase in traffic accidents in states where it has been legalized. Restrictions will be placed on driving under the influence in the same way alcohol has restrictions. Beyond this, studies indicate that driving under the influence of marijuana creates a low to moderate risk, unlike alcohol which is a high risk substance.

Generally speaking, marijuana is a plant that is safer and healthier than cigarettes and alcohol. It makes the user non-violent, calm and relaxed. The worst physical effect from long term use is a slightly higher risk of getting gum disease from the smoke. No one has ever died from marijuana and in states where it is legal, opioid related deaths and crime in general is down. California marijuana legalization would benefit millions of people. It’s time to end prohibition.



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